Integrated Biostratigraphic Services


Palynological analyses are offered as biostratigraphic or palynofacies analysis



Age assignment of marine or terrestrial sediments trough dinoflagellate cysts, sporomorphs and acritarchs.

The results are plotted as rangecharts and supplemented with additional data such as log data (gammaray) or lithology if available.

  Palynology range chart



Rhaetipollis germanicus

Marker palynomorph Rhaetian stage

Sample from well near Maßberg, region of Hannover (Lower Saxony)



Kerogen & Palynofacies analysis 

Classification of the complete organic residue, assignment to paleoenvironments and kerogen types.

 The classification scheme in use was improved and adapted through the years passing in industry, but is suitable aslo for other geolgical exploration fields.

It also incorporates size and shape of phytoclasts.



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